What is greatness anyway?

By James Murchison - Director at Murchisons


‘Top ten reasons companies fail to achieve greatness’; ‘Top five reasons start-ups fail to start up’; ‘Ten mistakes a company makes with its staff’. Do these titles sound familiar?  


The internet is awash with management gurus talking about how to achieve greatness in business. These people are experts in their own right but keep in mind that you don’t HAVE to achieve greatness.


Revisit your strategy – focus on achieving what you set out to achieve. When thinking about your business, it’s essential to take a tailored approach, asking these questions:


-        What exactly do you want to achieve?

-        What are you going to excel at?

-        What is good for your lifestyle?

-        Has the environment changed since you formed your plan



If you look back through the years, we haven’t changed the way we work, we’ve just changed the tools we use. In today’s digital world, our lives are much easier – for instance at one stage an architect would need to physically show the outcome of work with little room to return from error if the end result differs at all from paper design. Now with 3D presentations, modelling allows the architect to showcase a design that lends itself easily to on-the-spot feedback with the end result being a structure that is both commercially and visually attractive.


So, the offering has not really changed. Ultimately, in a professional sense, clients are looking for someone that understands their business, who they can trust, no matter what the task or circumstance and using that knowledge add value to the outcome



Has the business or social environment changed since you prepared your strategic plan. Not only should you look at the broader environment but have your circumstances changed that may influence a change in direction. Always test the outcomes of your plan to ensure they are still relevant to you and the market.


We once worked with an dot.com company that started life as developing a platform for offering gift cards. Over time they created a strength in developing back end functions for loyalty programs. This became their core strength and service offering because the needs of the market changed.



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Jenna Setford